DokuWiki upgrade package for Fedora 28

Introduction Linux distribution Fedora provides via its repositories a simple to use and highly versatile Open Source wiki software DokuWiki. At least since Fedora 24 until the recent Fedora 28 theĀ  provided DokuWiki version is 20150810a. Outdated DokuWiki version brings of course some issues: Obviously the outdated version 20150810a does Read more…

Munin CGI on Apache

Munin is a great monitoring tool, which gathers performance data from the plugins running on the nodes and presents them in graphs with web interface. Munin’s graphs and web pages are generated either statically by cron jobs or dynamically upon request via Munin CGI tools. With Munin CGI, only web pages and graphs which are actually needed – requested by user’s browser – are dynamically generated. This article describes configuration of the Munin CGI with Apache web server running on Fedora 26.