Installation of LineageOS on OnePlus One

OnePlus One Android device originally shipped with CyanogenMod OS. OnePlus does no longer support its first model. Stock CyanogenMod OS discontinued too. So one of the possible options, how to keep this still great Android device up-to-date, is to replace the system with LineageOS – the successor of CyanogenMod. Following guide briefly describes experience with installation of LineageOS on OnePlus One, which was OEM locked and not rooted since the purchase. Process has been assisted by PC with Linux OS.

Munin CGI on Apache

Munin is a great monitoring tool, which gathers performance data from the plugins running on the nodes and presents them in graphs with web interface. Munin’s graphs and web pages are generated either statically by cron jobs or dynamically upon request via Munin CGI tools. With Munin CGI, only web pages and graphs which are actually needed – requested by user’s browser – are dynamically generated. This article describes configuration of the Munin CGI with Apache web server running on Fedora 26.

Learn Thuum – Dragon Language of Skyrim

Bethesda’s game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has a constructed language in the game, which is used by the dragons and main characters. The language is called the Thu’um and you can learn it. To improve learning and remembering of the of the dragon language words, I’ve put together a deck for Anki software. Anki is a software with friendly, intelligent flash cards.